You were never meant to be just human, you were always meant to be something more.

Riverdell Academy for the ages 16 and up, is located in an island by Staten Island, New York near a secluded area hidden to the mundane eye except to those who know if it. To everybody that’s heard of the school and or might have gotten news about it, it might seem like your regular everyday boarding school but infact, those who actually know of it and see it, know that it’s something completely different than your ordinary school. Founded by John Riverdell in 1876 to help others just like him and help them find a home. Riverdell High has hidden the most troubled and special of kids. Riverdell isn’t just their school anymore, Riverdell High is these kids home.

Every one of you have the opportunity to be someone special, all you have to do is believe in yourself. You all have your struggles and monsters inside of you that you’re fighting against but you have to remember that even though you’re seen as freaks to the outside world and you look at yourself as freaks with struggles, to everyone that works here, including myself..You’re our angels.

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